Massive Fan is your ready to go partner when looking for ATEX fans. Our industrial fans are supplied with CE safety marking and can be supplied with Ex protection marking for ‘potentially explosive atmosphere’ in compliance with European standards as in ATEX directive.

Massive ATEX fans can be supplied for Category II and III and used in explosive atmosphere (gas and dust) located in zone (1, 2) and zone (21,22). To meet these requirements, the motors have been tested oversea according to ATEX standard.

ATEX – in short is ‘ATmosphere EXplosive’ environment and products use in such environment must comply with the EU applicable standards before can be introduced to the market.

Massive ensures your highest level of explosive protection:


Zone 1 & 21: Explosive atmosphere occurs less than 1000 hours or 1 - 10% per-year.
Zone 2 & 22: Explosive atmosphere occurs less than 10 hours per-year.

Ex protection

Gas (Gas protection is designed to prevent entry of flammable gases into the enclosure.)
Ex nA ‘non-sparking’ = Zone 2
Ex e ‘increase safety’ = Zone 1 and 2
Ex d ‘flameproof’ = Zone 1 and 2

Dust (Dust protection is designed to prevent entry of flammable dusts into the enclosure.)
Ex tb = Zone 21 and 22
Ex tc = Zone 22


IE2: All our ATEX motors are IE2 (High Efficiency)

IE3: Available upon request (Premium Efficiency)   

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