Noise Insulation

We offer customers noise control of our axial fans to deliver low noise level. Customers generally equip two circular duct silencers at both exhaust (intake) and blow (discharge) sides for the best result.

  • High quality acoustic mineral wool well known for its effective noise absorption
  • Silencer sound absorptive design for better attenuation in mid and high frequency
  • Aerodynamic pod design for minimizing pressure loss
  • Made in Galvanized Steel


  •  Our company invests millions of dollars in machineries to manufacture variety types of industrial ventilation fans.

Rotation Design

Designation of direction and position for Centrifugal fan rotation in accordance with AMCA standard 99-2406-83.

The fan rotation is seen from the motor side (side of the fan where the motor is mounted)

Direction of rotation:

  • CW = clockwise
  • CCW = counter-clockwise